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Wills and Personal Estate Planning

If you die without a Will your estate will be governed by the law of intestacy.

There are many misconceptions about the Intestacy laws. Under intestacy your estate may not necessarily pass to the persons whom you wish to benefit. Importantly, a surviving spouse will not necessarily inherit the entire estate and a cohabiting partner (whether of the same or opposite sex and regardless of the length of the relationship) and step-children will not benefit at all under an intestacy.

It is essential therefore that you have a professionally drafted Will.

At Coupe Bradbury we believe that time and care should be spent when drafting a Will. Reflecting this, our lawyers will always carry out a detailed ‘fact-find’ before providing any advice.

Having completed this exercise we will provide bespoke advice and guidance to you about the prospective terms of your will. As specialists we will consider, amongst other things:

  • Inheritance tax and other relevant taxation features
  • Guardianship for minor children
  • Provision for second and subsequent spouses and civil partners
  • Provision for unmarried partners
  • Provision for children from current and previous relationships
  • Potential claims against the estate

We can provide advice on the use of trusts in Wills and the ongoing administration of any such trusts.

We place importance on spending the time necessary to ensure your Will is tailored to meet your needs. In order to achieve this we offer an initial ‘without obligation’ interview to discuss your requirements.