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  1. Sale of The Parade Day Nursery, Northampton

    The sale of our children’s nursery was being conducted by our selling agent Redwoods Dowling Kerr. They recommended Coupe Bradbury solicitors to act on our behalf dealing with the legal process.  We purchased the children’s nursery some 14 years ago and the ‘asset sale’ was a reasonably straightforward process. The Nursery, now a limited company,…
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  2. Another successful nursery sale recently completed by Coupe Bradbury

    Matthew Scott at Coupe Bradbury had been recommended to us by the agents selling our nursery business. At first I felt a little reluctant to appoint a solicitor some 60 miles away but after an informal chat with Matt he reassured me that the distance would not be a problem. Most communications would be by email with a…
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  3. Government shelves Law Commission reforms of property rights

    Many couples in Britain are co-habiting; more than 36% have been in relationships where they have cohabited and 11% do so at present.  Very few of these couples have taken steps to safeguard their positions. Many couples have learned, to their great shock, the legal remedies available to them, following the breakdown of their relationship,…
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  4. Some of the less predictable questions about planning for the future

    For most people, estate planning is more painful than a root canal without Novocain. Among other things, it forces us to acknowledge that we may become demented: decide who gets what after we pass away; and make provisions for end of life care. Facing our mortality is one of the hardest things we must do in life; …
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  5. A different type of social security

    In this digital age of internet banking, social media websites and digitally stored photos and music; when someone dies or becomes incapacitated difficulties in accessing digital assets are becoming more and more common. Social media sites, in particular, can be upsetting for family members when messages and comments, sometimes cruel, are left on the Loved…
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